Monday, June 24, 2013

World Of Warcraft Movie

After years of talk and speculation, it looks like we might actually have a World of Warcraft Movie coming out in 2015.

From what little is out there about the movie, word is, Legendary Pictures will be bringing the movie to light. They are responsible for a lot of great movies over the decades. If anyone can do the franchise justice it would be them. Here is a list of their current movie catalog. Legendary Movie Catalog

But several questions arise.

 Will it be a hit?

I personally can't think of a single good movie adaptation of a video game. I'm sure there are examples out there but I can't think of one off the top of my head. There have certainly been a lot of Saturday morning cartoon adaptations (pacman,street fighter and Sonic to name a few) but movies? Sure, it don't have to be a Jurassic Park (1 billion dollars gross) to get the job done. So long as it's actually a good movie, it will probably be a hit. Judging from the buzz on the net, it certainly has enough  people who would love to go see it. 

A picture of pacman and mrs pacman
Most of you don't remember this little guy on Saturday mornings

Will it bring back some of the millions who have left?

It certainly couldn't hurt to rev up renewed  interest in the game since the bulk of the advertising in the last bit has been of the Mr Tee and Ozzy Osborne variety. When and if (I've learned to be cautious) it comes out, we can see a massive swing in the games popularity again.

Since this entire post is nothing but pure speculation, there being so little concrete information out there at present, feel free to add your opinion. Will it help the game? Will it be a hit?

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