Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A mod for all seasons

Common problems in wow and the mod to solve that problem

Killing your raid by standing in the crap? People dying because you couldn’t get a heal off in time? Miss picking up an add because you are looking at your spells and didn’t see the add until it had already eater the hunter? Whatever problems you are having, there is a mod to solve it. This post is about all the problems I’ve had as a die hard raider who has played since beta. More importantly, this post is how to solve them with a mod. 

An image of a world of warcraft interface
What you can do with weakauras and healbot example

An image of a clean world of warcraft interface
Clean interface by using elvui and weakauras

Problem                                                                   Solution

Healers standing in the crap because they are looking at heal frames. Get healbot and move the window right up beside you. You can see both your frames and what you are standing in. It’s easy to stay alive when your eyes are focused on the middle of the screen where all the action is.
Dps standing in the crap Weakauras and then hotkey your spells. Move the auras up beside your character.
Tanks missing an add Weakauras so you can keep track of your cds.
Tanks dying with their personal cds unused Again…weakauras or at least hotkey your spells. Look online for the string you need for your particular class of tank.
Low dps Bitten’s Spellflash or weakauras. Hotkey your spells
Cluttered Interface Elvui will allow you to move, resize and make certain non crucial aspects of your interface invisible or only visible when you hover over them. There are a lot of interface mods but this one is the easiest to use IMO.
Always Broke Use your farm and sale surplus mats, then get auctioneer and auctionator to make it easy to find out prices and make it easier to post multiple options. You can also go to wowuction and find some good deals.
Tired of leveling different toons in exactly the same way every time. is a good leveling guide. Also, it might take a little longer, but consider questing on a different continent. Either way, you will get a different experience while leveling up.
Tired of playing the same toon but can’t switch Incorporate new spells and abilities into your playing. Very few people use all their spells to the maximum potential. Adding even one overlooked spell into your rotation can improve your playing and renew your interest in your class.
Ask Mr Robot
Untimate Wow Guide
Tired of playing the game Sorry. I think you might be ____ed : )

Hope this helps. Let me know if I forgot anything or just reply with a problem you are having so we can help you fix it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Get things done while waiting for raid

Oh the things you can get done while waiting for a raid to start!

“We going to get started any time soon?” reverberates from different raiders every few seconds through Ventrillo as the rest of the raid anxiously awaits for the tank, healer or dps to finally get their butt online. We’ve all been there. In fact, we may have been the cause of “Where the Hell is Your Name Here” before.
The question must be asked. What great things can we accomplish in the sometimes hours per week that we are waiting for a key raider to log on?
My goal was to set out to see what I could accomplish in just the time it took for a raid to start. Here are my results so far.
Learned to play some songs on my classical guitar:
Bach Prelude 4 for the Lute Suite
Two other songs by Barrios Mangore
Wrote two of the songs for my bands debut album
Songs #3 and #8, which oddly enough people often say are the two best songs on the album.
Wrote an entire book
Not going to link that because it really really really sucked. But the point is taken I’m sure.
It’s great when raids start on time…but when they don’t?
I would love to hear from you all on how you spend your time while waiting for raids to start. To see how people can take that time that would be completely wasted and do something cool with it.
As for me, my new goal is to see if I can learn a new language from DuoLingo 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Proving Grounds Guide

Quick Rundown on Healing the Gold Level of Proving Grounds

  1. When you first go in you will see a bunch of npc's standing around. Get yourself a lock rock from one of them, re-forge and re-spec if you need to.
  2. Not sure about tanking and dpsing versions, but for healers, it is imperative that you dispel a debuff called "aqua bomb." If this thing is allowed to go off, it will do a LOT of aoe damage to your party. Even if you can heal through it, you will run out of mana quickly, since you can't use mana pots in Proving Grounds.
  3. Track "Aqua Bomb" with healbot or whatever healing frames you happen to use. You might have to manually add the spell in healbot. Here is a picture of what your custom debuff window should look like. To add the custom debuff go to the Cure --->Custom tab and manually type in Aqua Bomb in the new debuff window and hit save. See screen bellow.
  4. The bulk of the damage, at least in the half dozen times I've personally beat it, seems to be in waves #5, #6 and #9, #10 so try to have some healing cooldowns ready those.
  5. Mana might be a problem so try to stay as efficient as possible by using your cheap stuff frequently to keep your party from getting so low on health that you are forced to spam the expensive stuff.
 There you have it. Good luck and feel free to reply if you have any problems. Here is a video I made using the techniques explained in this post.