Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Restoration Druid Weakauras for 5.3 and 5.4

New Restoration Druid Weakauras for 5.3 and 5.4

A cutout picture of a Restoration Druid from World of Warcraft
I have included a map showing the new weakauras for Restoration Druid. A video of these auras in action will be coming soon. I realize that when you look at the map it's easy to become overwhelmed but keep this in mind. Most of these auras will only fire when certain conditions are met, such as with the personal defense cooldowns, innervate don't show unless you are bellow 80% mana...etc.. Right out of the gate, these auras give you about everything you could need and are actually quite compact, fitting right under my healbot frames in my case.

A detailed map of Restoration Druid Weakauras

How to use this aura set for 5.3

Basically, the only aura that doesn't work correctly is the new spell "Genesis" since the spell isn't out until Wow patch 5.4. The way around this is to temporarily hide that particular aura until the patch come out. Here is how to quickly and easily hide it until then:

An image showing how to hide certain weakauras

And here is the weakauas string for Restoration Druid


  1. I'm getting like Z, X, S+W, and other letters on certain icons. Do these serve some kind of purpose?

  2. Yes. Sorry about that. I always show the hotkey that i have assigned for a particular aura, if it's not one of the spells I have in healbot that is. I do this so I never have to look away from the area my weakauras and healing frames are. For instance, if my raid is taking a lot of damage I can see that tranq is availible and the hotkey is X.

    To change them to your own hotkey simply go under the "Display" tab and replace the X, for example with the hotkey you have asigned for that spell and work your way down the auras until they are all appropriately labeled. To leave it blank just erase the X and hit enter. Then it should return to the default value.

  3. By the way. I have replaced the auras in this post with ones that don't have my personal hotkeys on them. lol. If you like just replace your old ones these. : )

  4. First of all I'd like to thank you for your efforts. I do not have a lot of time to play wow these days and this site has made it a lot easier to load an entire string. There are a few icons that I don't need with my playing style but if I respec for a particular fight at least I have the icons preloaded. Thanks for the help as this helps technologically inept people.

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I tried to include about everything, but not everything at one time. That was always the problem I had with other peoples auras. Seeing auras all the way across my screen was way too much for my poor brain to comprehend.

  6. I am getting a weird decompression error, shames these looked amazing... keep up the nice work.

  7. I'm going to go berserk if I don't figure out the mushroom thing...

    What you have done is great, but I wanted a bit more additional functionality so I searched for hours on end and finally got one that will count underneath the Wild Mushroom: Bloom icon, how much overhealing it is gathering, so you know when it is "full" and at optimal bloom time.

    However.... I want one icon to show when it is time to plant, one icon that shows it is filling up (blooming) and one that indicates when it is completely full and ready to be "popped." I would like that last change to bounce, grow, spin, whatever... to get my attention when things are hectic on the playing field (Iron Juggernaut comes to mind) but I can NOT for the life of me, figure out how to set it up with triggers so that it will make the changeover once it is "full."

    The one I copy/pasted to make the Wild Mushroom: Bloom icon show it filling up, was a fluke; no way I could ever have done all that myself, and I do not understand what they did, so I can't modify it. Do you, or anyone on here, know how to accomplish this? I Google searched forums, blogs, Weak Aura's page, etc literally for 9 hours yesterday and have come up with diddly-squat. Thanks in advance and thanks for the string. :)

    Btw, on mine I added Clearcasting (Omen of Clarity) as well as a couple other spells I use and like to track. Somehow, however, I changed the settings I guess (inadvertently) for Swift Mend or Rejuve, as in last night's raid, it would show the icon for Rejuv, but not switch over to the "ready to Swiftmend" icon. The Swiftmend icon would only show up AFTER I had actually used it; then it would show it with the timer countdown.

    I could fix it easily by re-importing your string into Weak Auras, but would lose the changes I have made and additions. Any way to troubleshoot that or easily repair it? Thank you again :)

  8. Dont use the abilitu to consume wild mushroom. Get the glyph. Eflorence I belive it is.

    1. I agree completely with this. I myself wanted an aura that tracked when my mushrooms are fully charged but I realized that I almost always need to pop them early anyway.