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Sunday, May 26, 2013

How much gold do we need now?

     I remember Vanilla Wow just like it was yesterday. Gold was very hard to come by. Quite often, if a player spent their gold too freely, as in buying gear or buying up materials to level a trade skill, they just might not have enough gold to buy their mount. This resorted to hour upon hour of farming for trash to make up the difference. In my case, that very thing happened to me and I had to walk around killing stuff at random until I had the funds. It wasn't like now, where I could just ask a guild mate for what I was missing. After all, they were all just as broke as I was.
    But that was then. Now gold is plentiful and gear is pretty easy to get without laying down hardly any money. Today, just as it was long ago, leveling a trade skill is the biggest zap to my economic standing. So now, it would seem that most of the need for gold revolves around vanity items rather than things I absolutely have to have. While it would be nice to have the 100k for that Darkmoon Rabbit I've been wanting I believe I'll just live without it until the price comes back down to earth on my server.
    However, if something ever came up and I wanted a lot of gold I feel comfortable that I could get it with two simple mods and a single website.

The mods

    With auctioneer, it's not like I'm sharing some guarded secret since it's been downloaded 14 million times since 2006 and that number is just from the curse website alone.

    Again, no big secret as it's pushing 10 million dls itself. But I often here questions like "Which one should I use?" My answer is both since I use them both. I personally like the statistics of auctioneer and the ease of creating and buying auctions from auctioneer.

The Website

A picture of the website WowUction

    A guild mate shared this website with me not long ago and I have to say that I was most impressed. Basically, while this website tells you what is hot and cold on the auction house, it also tells you what items and mats I should produce and sell to maximize my profits. There is a mod for that called trade skill master but I never seem to have the time to figure out how to set that up and the tutorials I've seen on it thus far are are a bit lacking, at least to my admittedly limited attention span.
    Overall, a really great alternative for me. Wowuction scans the auction house frequently so the information is usually quite up to date. I've made quite a bit of gold with this little gem. 


If anyone knows of a really good, up to date, tutorial for Trade Skill Master or any other economic addons which I have not listed here, I would certainly appreciate that information. Who knows, with a little help I might get that Darkmoon Rabbit and a Reforging Mount some day. : )