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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tracking Renewing Mist on your Mistweaver Monk

Renewing Mist and Thunder Focus Tea

It is essential, if you want to do well with your Mistweaver Monk that you keep Renewing Mist up at all times. You should have it up on as many targets as possible but never less than 5 in a 10 man. While you might be able to keep track of it by simply looking and counting the number of people who have it in your healing frames, it is certainly better to simply have a separate aura which keeps track of the number of people who have Mist on them. This way, when you have at least 5 people receiving renewing mist you are free to cast Thunder Focus Tea, which will instantly refresh the duration of Renewing mist on everyone the next time you cast uplift. So my point is this. If you are not on the ball with keeping 100% uptime on renewing mist then your Thunder Focus Tea will only benefit a few people.

A picture of Thunder Focus Tea

So I would recommend this priority.

1. Keep an eye on the aura that tells you how many people have renewing mist on them.
2. When you see the number five, cast Thunder Focus Tea
3. You have 30 seconds from the time you cast Thunder Focus tea to uplift all the people with Renewing Mist on them.
4. Once you uplift those people, find someone who doesn't have it on them, if any, and then before you know it, all 10 raid members will have Renewing Mist.

With this strategy, you will have Renewing Mist on everyone and your uplift will aoe heall the entire raid in a 10 man. 

I credit Affinitii with the Aura I'm about to post.