Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feral Druid Weakauras

A picture of weakauras and a Feral Druid in Cat Form Since Feral Druid is such a situational  class, I have basically just put in the auras for cooldowns, buffs and checks for debuffs/bleeds on the target.

I also put in a check to make sure you are in Cat Form since I sometimes get carried away and use a spell that knocks me out of Cat Form.

Lastly, towards the bottom, I have added damage mitigation cooldowns.

Barkskin will show at <= 80%
Might of Ursoc shows at <=60%
Survival Instincts at <=50%

Here is the weakauras string for Feral Druid.

Bellow is the second version of these auras, which is a dramatic increase in dps.