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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feral Druid Weakauras

A picture of weakauras and a Feral Druid in Cat Form Since Feral Druid is such a situational  class, I have basically just put in the auras for cooldowns, buffs and checks for debuffs/bleeds on the target.

I also put in a check to make sure you are in Cat Form since I sometimes get carried away and use a spell that knocks me out of Cat Form.

Lastly, towards the bottom, I have added damage mitigation cooldowns.

Barkskin will show at <= 80%
Might of Ursoc shows at <=60%
Survival Instincts at <=50%

Here is the weakauras string for Feral Druid.

Bellow is the second version of these auras, which is a dramatic increase in dps.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hunter Weak Auras

This weak Aura String is the first in a series of weak auras for the hunter.

We'll start out with Survival Hunters since this one is the most up to date. You might want to avoid using this aura on trash pulls because you want to keep all your cooldowns available for the boss.

Here is what the aura looks like fully loaded
A picture of hunter weakauras in action

I can pretty much guarantee that with this aura you will be among the top in dps.

And here is an updated version of the above weakaura hunter strings. Thanks goes Kevin Lassing for taking the time to update this aura to make it even better. The version bellow also has a Focus counter and Black arrow timer. Thanks for the hard work.