Monday, May 20, 2013

5.3 Cheat Sheet

World of Warcraft Patch 5.3 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is just for the general changes that effect everyone. I figure most people will want to go in depth when it concerns their own class changes. For that reason, class changes are not included to keep this brief.

The full patch notes in all its glory can be read here

                                              A few stand out 5.3 patch changes

- It will take 33% less experience to get from level 85 to 90

- Item upgrades are returning. 250 valor for 4 item levels. 750 justice upgrade provides 8 points ex. 463 item will be 471 but you can only do it once.

- pvp equivalent will be 750 conquest and 1500 honor

- Heirlooms cost to upgrade reduced by 60%

- Heroic Scenarios are coming. Must be item level 480 and you must be in a pre made group.

- Lesser charms will drop off of level 90 mobs out in the world. So top level dailies should give not only the reward amount but you should get some from killing the mobs now.

- All characters have a base resilience of 65% now.

- You can roll on off-spec loot now. Just right click on your character portrait and select the option from the drop down list.

- Bonus rolls can offer a larger than usual amount of gold. Whoopee...I kid

- Protection from bad luck. (They are talking to me here) The more times you don't get squat the better your chances of getting said squat the next time you bonus roll.

- You will now be able to herb and mine in Mist of Pandaria even if you are at low skill level. Not sure if this means you will get little to no ghost iron or if it means you will get a different kind of ore in accordance with your current skill level. The jury is still out on this one.

My own take is that this patch just screams alt play. Heirlooms upgrade price being cut so low means you can upgrade your leveling gear, then once you hit 85, the amount of xp required is cut by a third. Then once you hit 90 just farm dungeons and upgrade the gear you get from them to 471. This should further decrease the current skill level you see from players in lfr considerably since they will have 33 percent less practice with their toons than they would have had. lol. I kid again.

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