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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hunter Weak Auras

This weak Aura String is the first in a series of weak auras for the hunter.

We'll start out with Survival Hunters since this one is the most up to date. You might want to avoid using this aura on trash pulls because you want to keep all your cooldowns available for the boss.

Here is what the aura looks like fully loaded
A picture of hunter weakauras in action

I can pretty much guarantee that with this aura you will be among the top in dps.

And here is an updated version of the above weakaura hunter strings. Thanks goes Kevin Lassing for taking the time to update this aura to make it even better. The version bellow also has a Focus counter and Black arrow timer. Thanks for the hard work.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gold From Sunsong Ranch

A picture of World of Warcraft Sunsong Ranch

Sunsong Ranch is a Cash Cow

If you are one of those people who need or want gold but you go days without planting anything on the Sunsong Ranch you might want to reconsider.

Many players get their gold through daily quests. This is perfectly acceptable because there are many reasons to do daily quests besides the gold you get for doing them. But we are talking about only two things here, those things being time and gold. Let's compare the yield from a single ranch to daily quests shall we?

Inside the numbers

I personally always plant flowers on my ranch and this is quite obviously because of the golden lotus you get from the crop. As you can see from the above pic, I recieved 8 golden lotus. So my crop yielded the following.

8 golden lotus        = 368 gold value
2 life spirits            = 6 gold saved on health pots
2. water spirits       = 8 gold saved on mana pots
8 snow lily             = 17 gold
4 green tea leaves  = 8 gold
6 silk weed            = 12 gold
4 fools cap            = 12 gold
5 rain poppy         = 10 gold

Total Auction house value of that crop? 441 gold
Time to clear and replant farm?             4 minutes 30 seconds

Farm Vs Daily quests

Daily quests give about 20 gold per completed quest, meaning you would have to do 22 daily quests to earn the same amount of gold as the farm earned. At max speed on a well geared toon I can do about 3 daily quests in 11 minutes and about 80 to 90 minutes to do 22, not counting travel time from hub to hub and providing you are not competing with other players for quest mobs and items.Chances are it would take much much longer to do 22 quests.

And the winner is?

Daily quests
22 quests taking a minimum of 80 minutes = 442 gold value

Farming herbs on the ranch
You can do 16 farms in 80 minutes 
For every 80 minutes devoted to farming = 9,724 gold value

I personally have three level 90 toons and I make a minimum of 1200 gold per day just from my farm. My items sell every time even if I get undercut in the auction house. This takes me about 15 minutes maximum. But this can be very valuable, especially on extremely low server like the one I came from, where there are so few people that you are basically only selling to other guild mates. 

Don't forget tip

Remember to save time on your farm that you can mount up to pull those tangled weeds. I'm surprised by the numbers of my friends and guild mates who did not know this was possible. I didn't know this myself until recently.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Clean Wow Interface

How to clean up your World of Warcraft Interface

Check out my video and see just how much I was able to trim off my interface and remain functional. Without weak auras I wouldn't suggest hiding your main action bars, and even then I wouldn't if you use a mod like Bitten's spell flash or omnicc to track the cooldowns of your spells. 

Mods You will need:
Weak Auras (Optional if you wish to keep your action bars visable)

The Elvui section
1. First off install Elvui and then go through the steps to finish the initial setup that will automatically pop up when you enter the game. After this is done then type /elvui in your chat box to bring up the Elvui User Interface.
2. On the left hand side of the options menu click on the + button on the action bars menu and then go down the list and put a check in every box that you wish to hide until you mouse over it. These bars will only be visible when you hover your mouse over them.
3. Now select the unit frames + to collapse that menu and change the size of your Player frames, Target frames and Pet frames until you are happy with the width and height.
4. Lastly, click on the "Toggle Anchors" and you will see a whole bunch of black boxes. You can drag these around the screen to wherever you would like them. I moved my mini map, player frames, target frames, and pet frames in the video so everything else was in it's default position for the most part. Once you are happy with where everything is then simply click on the "Lock Frames" button in the middle of your screen. And that's all there is to that part.

Weak Auras section
1. After you have found a weak auras string that you want to use copy it from whatever website you got it from so that it will be on your clipboard.
2. Type /wa when you get in game and select new from the upper left menu and then import from the bottom right menu.
3. Once the text window pops up simply click on the text menu and hit Control+V to paste the string from your clipboard. A new window will pop up and you just need to click on import from this new window to finish the process.

I will post the exact weak aura string I used in the video in the next post as soon as I can remove my hotkey labels. If you have any questions just reply and we'll help you get it figured out. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wow Monk Weak Auras String

I have weak auras for all three monk specs and this post will be updated shortly to include Brewmaster and Windwalker. I'll start off with Mistweaver for now however since this is my main spec.

Mistweaver Monk Weak auras string
A picture of World of Warcraft Monk Weakauras

This has about everything you could ever need with the exception of a renewing mist tracker, which I use in a separate area of my screen so I can keep a good close eye on the number of targets I have it on. For that, I use Renewing Mist Tracker which you can download from curse. 

Here's a vid (less than a minute) that will show you how to import weak auras strings.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Resto Druid Weak Auras

Restoration Druid Weak Aura String

First off, if you don't have weak auras yet here is the link to it.
Weak Auras 
After you have that squared away then copy the text from the text box at the bottom of this post and import it into weak auras. 
If you have no idea how to import a weak aura string here is a very quick vid I made that shows you how. Importing a weak auras string

This aura string has everything but a lifebloom tracker, which I do use a different mod for this called Lifebloom tracker. I like to keep my lifebloom mod in a slightly different place and usually make it pretty big so I know to keep track of it. Here's Lifebloom tracker

Here is an example of my Druids weak auras string. 
A picture of World of Warcraft Restoration Druid Weakauras
I personally like to keep all my information in one place, right beside my character. I use healbot, which is right above my weak aura string so that I get all the information I need without having to scan around the screen for this or that. Doing this helps with several important aspects.
1. I can see what spells are available while keeping a close eye on my healing frames.
2. Since everything is pulled up close to my character, I can not only see if I'm standing in some unsavory crap but I can keep a close eye on the boss, adds, and the general movement of the entire raid.

And here is a quick vid on weak auras in action